EGGS. Colectivo Kuroi Co.
Lucía Vázquez & María J. Villar.

Egg: 1. C or U. The oval object of different size and hardness that is produced by female birds or other animal species and contains the embryo germ and substances for its nutrition during the incubation period. 2. Biol. A cell produced by a woman, ovum. 3. Off. Testicle (nuts).

“One should be like water: smooth, femenine, receptive, kind, non-violent. One shouldn’t be like a rock. A rock seems to be strong, but it is not, and water seems to be very weak, but it is not. Appearances are deceiving. Eventually water defeats the rock and it is destroyed and becomes sand that is washed out to sea…”

Colectivo Kuroi Co. for Vertebración III

Directed by: Lucía Vázquez and María J. Villar.

Artists: Andrea Torres, Raquel Luque, Ellalved Alcano, Violeta Casal, Greta García, Leticia Gude, Laura Morales, María J. Villar, Lucía Vázquez.
Music: Rafa Torres.
Photo: Luis Castilla, Fernando Brea.
Year: 2013.