Direction and dancers: Lucía Vázquez and Nobuyoshi Asai.
Original Music: Jesús Calderón.

Created with the support of Instituto Cervantes Tokyo. NDA AWARD at New Dance for Asia International Festival 2017, 2nd Asian Solo & Duo Challenge for Masdanza. Seoul, South Korea.

 In Japan there is a understanding that everything that has a life, it also breathes (or vibrates).The japanese concept of “FURERU” is not easy to explain in English but can be translate with three words: “vibrating”, “touching” and “swinging”.

In this work, we start from the concept of “FURERU“: when a “vibrating” person touches the other, the other also vibrates using the resonance phenomenon. By doing so, we express the empty flow and the tremor of the substance that we do not see by the eyes. Moreover and through this phenomenon we express an “Empty landscape” over the scenical space. Poetically we can feel the dancers creating a landscape where Sun and Moon meet for the very first time.