Lucía Vázquez & Saori Hala

<Nominated at Premios Lorca de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía  as Best Outside PerformanceBest Choreography, Best Female Dancer and Best Original Music>

‘Crumpled came into being as a meeting of two women (Lucía Vázquez and Saori Hala) and two cultures (Spanish and Japan). It is a delicate and intimist work, whose premiere was at the Mes de Danza Festival. Crumpled is about origami or the art of folding sheets of paper into shapes and its most poetic interpretation, female imaginary made by two voices and sound space drawn by sounds of the action – breathing, fabric rubbing, heart beating…’
Text by Mercedes L. Caballero.


Creation and Performers: Lucía Vázquez and Saori Hala.
Original Music: Jesús Calderón.
Duration: 35 min.
In collaboration with:
Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Sevilla ‘Antonio Ruiz Soler’.
Centro Andaluz de Danza.
Ayuntamiento Mairena de Aljarafe.
Photo: Luis Castilla, Katrin Aldanondo.

Year: 2015.