SILENCIO & RUIDO - Manuela Nogales Danza

Silencio & Ruido is a show conceived for four dancers and an ensemble of five voices (soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone and bass) and cello selected by the musical director Manuel Busto.

The piece is part of a larger project -Manuela Nogales Danza. 20 years- is articulated by fusing on the language of contemporary dance with singing. In it, the creator faces silence and the reality of her own movement accompanied by the voices of the singers. From a solo, very personal, to a union with the other performers who meet on stage: Fernando Romero, unremitting companion of the creative and existential journey and two of the dancers who at some point of their careers worked with the company and who will represent testimonially that extensive body of dance that has been formed in the quarry of the company in these two decades.

Nogales makes this statement about this new production: In the freedom of solitude, experiences of a singular intensity can be communicated. Solitary spaces that go through the spectrum that goes from silence to sound to delve into the sound-movement search, and especially in the exploration of the voice sung on stage as a choreographic path. Then, sound and silence are going to be the same. Eliminating the duality with which we are accustomed to perceive the world, sound ceases to be an obstacle to silence, and silence ceases to be a protective network against sound. With the elimination of this duality every movement and sound will have its own center.


Artistic direction: Manuela Nogales.

Musical direction: Manuel Busto.

Musical direction assistant: Juan Báez.

Music: Claudio Monteverdi and Manuel Busto.

Music coordination: Lehonidas Boskovek.


Guest artist: Fernando Romero.

Dancers: Manuela Nogales, Lucía Vázquez and Raquel López.

Singers: Susana Casas, Inmaculada Águila, José Carrión, Vicente Bujalance and Andrés Merino.

Chello: Jose Miguel Moreno Crespo.


Lighting design: Guillermo Suero.

Costume design: Margarita Ruesga.

Comunication: Noletia / Surnames.

Production: Gloria Díaz and Sara Álvarez-Novoa.

Executive production: Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos.

Year: 2017.