A PIEL DEL TIEMPO - Manuela Nogales Danza

‘ The time’s skin is smooth and warm. During the 70-minute performance at the premiere of the Itálica Festival, Manuela Nogales and her talented team stroked the audience with bright and harmonic choreographies. They were brilliantly accompanied by live music of Vivaldi by the City of Seville’s Orchestra under the baton of Juan Manuel Busto. It is a work in which the experienced Sevillian choreographer shows a great generosity by taking out the best of her dancers who shone both individually and collectively.(…)’

Text by: Gloria Díaz, El Club Express.

Direction and Choreography: Manuela Nogales .
Artistic Coordination: Fernando Romero.
Performers: Manuela Nogales, Joahn Volmar, Laura Lizcano, Lucía Vázquez, Raquel López, Violeta Casal, Ximena Carnevale.
Lights: Florencio Ortiz.
Costume: Margarita Ruesga.
Antonio Vivaldi live music played by Orquesta Ciudad de Sevilla.

Musical and orquestal Direction: Juan Manuel Busto.

1st Violin: Vladimir Dmitrienco, Amelia Mihalchea Duran, Luis Miguel Díaz

2nd Violin: Jill Renshaw, Branislav Sisel, Claudia Medina.

Viola: Jacek Polichinski, Jerome Ireland.
Cello: Nonna Natsvlishvili.
Contrabass: Lucian Ciorata.

Photo: Vanessa Gomez, Margarita Ruega, Óscar Romero.

Year: 2015.