DANSE IN BLUE - Producciones Imperdibles

An installation with two ‘stages’ one real and the other one virtual at different levels that allow a suggestive game of movement and images.
The real stage is configured as a precipice where dancers fall, jump and slide in a game of appearances and meetings.

The pre-recorded images on a blue background using different editing techniques allow us a constant visual game between the actual and the projected dance.

The dancers play with themselves.  Their close-ups tell of strange springs, drawing their bodies in a vacuum is mixed with a sense of vertigo.

Idea, concept, video and direction: José María Roca.
Dancers: Mª José Villar, Iván Amaya.
Choreographers: Lucía Vázquez, Juan Melchor.
Original music: José María Roca, José Pipió.
Lighting: Sergio Collantes.

Photo: Jose Mª Roca, Óscar Romero.

Year: 2015.