MIRRA - Los Negros. Álvaro Frutos

“We all are forced to be human. Even then Son of God was reminded this condition through a gift: the myrrh.

“Last but not least” could be the best way to introduce this exotic resin, which is the third in the list, ignored, always the last one, extremely spoilsport. If there is no other alternative, why don’t we pass through our human side and experience it? Upon the smell of myrrh we can travel in a spiral towards our past, with some distance, trying to expiate our memories like lambs facing the slaughterhouse, or like embalmed bundles thrown into the void. From this third place, and carrying the bronze on our shoulders, we twist.”

Creation and direction: Álvaro Frutos.
Performers: Cipri López, Lucía Vázquez and Álvaro Frutos.
Texts: Collective contribution.
Lighting: Paloma Parra.

Photo: Luis Castilla, Álvaro Frutos.

Year: 2014.