IGNITION. Abraham Hurtado for Guestarring.

The performative researches that we have been conducting – out of any systematism – around the violance as mechanical reaction have led us to develop a series of exercises, from the physical to the figurative, that have had the aim to bring forth figures half-way between the personal, the physical reality of the performers and
fiction – a fiction necessarily uncertain, as indistinct and changing as reality itself (when reality is not taken for granted). More generally, this has led us to examine the function of fiction in our so-called cynical and disillusioned era and the relationship
between the artist and his milieu as regards to the creation of a discourse.

The members chosen by the choreographer for the Creation Lab in Seville are: Álvaro Frutos, Juanfra Juárez, María M. Cabeza de Vaca, Roberto Martínez, Javier Mora, Pablo Peña, José Manuel Poga, Bárbara Sánchez and Lucía Vázquez.

Year: 2012