THE INNER LOOK. Producciones Imperdibles.

A stage made up of a chair circle equipped with headphones that allow the audience to select from three different track choices to see the choreography. It is an experimentation and search work for choreographers and dancers. But also for the audience. Which nuances, intents, accents are unveiled with a certain music or another? How to choose? What to leave at random? How can one feel with other music? Questions, decisions, options, preferences. An active audience creates its private performance in its own ear.

Idea, stage design and sound space: Jose Mª Roca.

Artistic coordination: Gema López, José Pipió, Jose Mª Roca.

Choreographers: Manuela Nogales, Pilar Pérez Calvete, Guillermo Weickert.

Dancers: Lucía Vázquez, María J. Villar, Juan Melchor, Ivan Amaya.

Year: 2012.