LOS 7PECA2 CAPITALES. Producciones Imperdibles.

The ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ also known as the capital vices (‘capital’ comes from the Latin caput, head) are the origin of the others and it is a moral thought created by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. We move away from this classification when we acknowledge them as Human Passions and number them nine: WRATH, PRIDE OR HAUGHTINESS, VANITY, ENVY, GREED, COWARDICE, GLUTTONY, LUST AND SLOTH.

The performance shows a visual and sound journey that speaks by itself. More than a condemnation, it is used to admit these Passions in ourselves, in our environment and in the terrible consequences that these Passions, with no awareness, bring to our world.


Original idea, stage, image and music selection: José María Roca.

Direction: Gema López and José Mª Roca.

Actress: Antonia Zurera.
Choreography and Dancers: Lucia Vázquez, Ivan Amaya, María J. Villar, Juan Melchor.
Technical coordinator: José Pipió.
Lighting and sound: Sergio Collantes.
Costume: Mai Canto.

Year: 2011.