LOQUO. Colectivo Kuroi Co. Lucía Vázquez & María J. Villar.

Loquo might be a non-word conversation between live electronic music and the mix of free and choreographed movement. An experimental conversation between three people swinging between loneliness and feeling loved.

If I ever could run it was to be away from you. Nobody hears us but you don’t listen, you only move ¡you thoughtless!

Why are you playing with that? Give it to me, I’ve got nothing.

I’m not playing, I’m doing other things.

Creation and performance: Lucía Vázquez and María J. Villar.
Musical direction and live music: Rafa Torres .
Video: Rita Buil; Juanmi Pérez.
Light design: María J. Villar.
Costume: RUIZGALÁN, Lucía Vázquez.
Technician: Pepa Soler.

Graphic design: Federico Cazzaniga.
Photography: Antonio Santos, Jose Palomo.

Year: 2011.