SILENT BEAT - Junko Okuda

Silent Beat is a dance project to feel and to share that we are alive right now.

‘You dance every time.
You make vibration every time.
Light, sound, smell, they are all vibrated
Each time, every time, Time inscribes a beat.
Each time, every time, How much can you feel?
Each time, every time, How much your heart beat?
Are you aware?’

Silent Beat is made of the energy of each person who is part of this project
and carry their energy to the places we perform.


Direction: Junko Okuda.
Berlin: Junko Okuda.
Paris: Kaori Asahiro, Kaori Suzuki, Juliette Morel, Junko Okuda.
Köln: Junko Okuda.
Tokyo: Kaori Miura, Asako Ono, Lucía Vázquez, Junko Okuda.
Paris: Emilie Hallard (photographer).
Köln: Meng Chia Ling (composer).
Tokyo: Tomoko Konoike (fine artist).