INFLAMMABLEMATERIAL. Cía. Guillermo Weickert.

A solo that answers to the choreographer’s need to stepping in front of an audience as a creator and performer of his own language.

Vitor Joaquim’s score, renewed pioneer of Portuguese electronic music, Jose María Sánchez Rey’s concept of the scenic space, and Paloma Parra’s lighting design, (all three of them usual allies of the choreographer) build an austere universe that, from the initial nudity and simplicity, articulates as the show draws on, though the creation of beautiful images.

Choreographer and Performer: Guillermo Weickert.

Video’s performers: María Cabeza de Vaca, Lucía Vazquez, María J. Villar, Laura Morales, Raquel Madrid, Isabel Vázquez, Pepe Conde and Jose Mª Sánchez Rey.

Photo: Luis Castilla.

Year: 2012.