THE FOUR SEASONS. Cía. La Tarasca.

…A performance in which nature and astro cycles, which lead to the seasons, find their correspondence with life cycles and paths. Spring, summer, autumn, winter… birth, youth, manhood, senescence… ‘The Measures of Time.’ From the musical poem ‘The Four Seasons’ from the extraordinary Baroque musician Antonio Vivaldi, adapted for a jazz quartet and seven dancers, we would like to travel in time and space.

A danced comedy in which characters and live performance are combined to extract the inherent beauty in Vivaldi’s music.

Directed by: Ramón Bocanegra.
Choreography: Pilar Pérez Calvete.
Music: Vivaldi / Arreglos de la Compañía.
Production Assistant: Christopher Clavijo.
Scenography: aLTeReGo.
Performances: Juan Carlos Guajardo, María J. Villar, Susana Román, Dani Pinelo, Lucía Vázquez, Mirko Vullo, Leticia Gude, Joaquín Calderón, Rafa Torres, Rafa Arregui, Isaac Peña.
Photography:  Luis Castilla.

Year: 2009.